Allahoo Akbar

Asalamu aliakum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatoo,

My father’s bank account diminished greatly in an astonishing two weeks. And before you say it, no, it’s not because he has three daughters, but because of a series of almost unbelievable events. One laptop mysteriously “died”, and then, a few days later (perhaps finding it too difficult to go on without its friend), the other laptop soon followed. The radiator of the car was massacred- fixed- and then, ruined again. A graphic calculator worth around $100 was also ruined. And, then, in a hurried attempt to inform our father of the things going on, we broke the telephone. To you, it probably seems cruel that we kept informing him of our latest catastrophes. But, to us, his daughters…well, we knew he could bear it. Because when you know your place in this world, when you know that in essence, you are a nobody, that you are a servant, that you belong to the Creator, that to Him belongs all that is in the Heavens and the Earth, that He is the One and True Sovereign, nothing can really put you down. Because you know, no matter what problem, crisis, difficulty comes along…. He is a thousand times more Greater.

Two words, if felt by the heart and understood by the brain, can diminish the most mountainous hardship into a mere pebble. Allahoo Akbar. Allah [is] Greatest! (1)

He is Greater than all, and He is Capable of Everything! Allahoo Akbar! It is He who causes the non-living to breathe, the living to die, the mountains to crumble, the thunder to roar, the lightening to strike, the heart to beat (2), the sick to heal. Allahoo Akbar! It is He who can cause an arrogant rich man to die penniless, an infertile woman to give birth to a joyous bundle, a drowning child to be saved, a cancerous patient whom doctors have given up hope on to be cured, a blind person to see…Allahoo Akbar! It is He who caused a whale to swallow a man and then let him be free. It is He who created the stars, the sun, the moon- the Entire Universe. Not a word is uttered that He does not Hear it. Not a problem occurs, that He can not solve- not a thing in this world, that He is not Greater.

When you know your place in this world, when you know who you are and who He is, nothing can let you down.

And that’s who I am.

A Servant of God. A Servant of the Most Compassionate.—–


[1]- Allah is the Arabic word for God. Many don’t know this. But it’s true. Even my Arab Christian friends use the word Allah 🙂

[2] The Heart Beats! If you wish to read a miracle that occured a few days ago: Miracle