Asalaamu ‘alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. (Peace be upon you.)

Emaan Boosting Moments



Yesterday i went to sleep, in a proper deep sleep.. suddenly i just woke up. For some reason – i felt in a state of shock. It was totally dark. I quickly got up cuz i had to pray fajr (the dawn prayer.)

Before I woke up, i was having a dream about death. So when i woke up, I could still hear the sounds from my dream, so it kinda freaked me out.

I went to the washroom to do my wudhu, and i felt in a state of fear. It actually felt like the day of judgement because the sounds from my dream were going on in my head, and i was in total darkness.

When i had done my wudhu, i stood up in fajr salaah.. now that my mind felt as if it was judgement day, i actually felt as if i was standing infront of Allaah Almighty, i felt as if jannah/paradise was on my right.. and hell was on my left. When i prayed, i focused on the words i was reciting, trying to recite them sincerely because it felt as if this was my moment – if Allaah never accepted this dua’, i could end up in the hellfire, it was my only chance.

When i did sujood/prostration, i felt like i had to do it extra long so it would be accepted. I remembered how some brothers and sisters keep saying that they don’t fear death, they don’t fear returning to Allaah because we’re muslims.

But how do we actually know if Allaah is pleased with us or not? I remembered how Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (may Allaah Almighty be pleased with them) had dark marks on their cheeks because of their continuous crying.

‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) would wish that his deeds were atleast equal to his level of bad deeds, so he is saved from the hellfire, and he was promised jannah! Yet we think we’re promised jannah, but we try to avoid thinking about hell.

I was shocked because yeah, i usually do think about judgement day and it will be 50,000years long and all that. But do we actually believe that it will really happen? If we get stressed out so easily because of exams, how come we think we can delay the judgement day. That judgement day could be before our exam, because we could be dead before the college exam takes place.

When you really put your self into the situation and make yourself feel that you’re really there, the tears will fall out like rain. You’ll be sincere, and you’ll ask yourself – would i really be this chilled out if I don’t know if Allaah is pleased with me or not? How can you believe in something if you know the dangers of it, but you still feel your safe from its danger? Why do we fear we’ll fail in our college exams – even though we’ve revised for them, yet we think that we’ll enter jannah with the little amount of deeds we’ve got?

Let’s repent to Allaah, before death comes to us while we’re in a state of disobedience to Allaah. Then every single enjoyment you felt you collected in this world will be left.. that wealth you worked so had to gather will be spent by someone else, that beautiful wife you had will marry another man, that beamer will get old. And your children will have their own families..

Strive for the afterlife, and Allaah will bless you in this life and the afterlife. Don’t you want good in both lives? Allaah will make this mission easy for you, if you keep your duty to Him.. Allaah doesn’t desire hardship for you, He desires that you turn to Him sincerely, so He can give you the good of both world’s; an easy life in this world, and a jannah/garden in the afterlife where you can have whatever you desire.. thats the supreme success. Allaah will be pleased with you, and you will be pleased with Him.

What else could you wish for?