“God has no mercy on one who has no mercy for others.”

So you walk onto the bus, I mean its bad enough it stinks of BO and cheesy feet, on top of that you have the sun melting the cheap glass windows and so a wave of burning plastic is given off, lovely! The atmosphere is….how can I put it without sounding very rude? It stinks really badly; I’ll just say that but know ‘stink’ in this context is an understatement.

Now if you find a seat on the bus in the summer then count yourself as being extremely fortunate. Everyone races each other to find a seat near a window, to get some whiff of fresh air. In addition to the bad atmosphere the road is bumpy because some authoritative half-a-brain decided to make road humps like every 5 steps and the new bus driver decides he enjoys driving at 0.5 MPH. Right about now is when the anger management is required but most of the time I can battle out my impatience thankfully so I just day dream.

So anyways bus is driving along casually and these old people get on at 4:30 pm! Everyone knows old people aren’t allowed at that ungodly hour! Some people attempt to be nice to the old people by offering them seats and guess what?! Yes you have guessed it right! They sulk and complain about the lack of hygiene in the youngsters; I think their exact words were “Skunk’s have competition; if I stay in here any longer I won’t die from this hip Dorothy but this awful smell!” I mean that wasn’t exactly a nice thing to proclaim, not exactly the attitude one would expect from old people.

At this stage you have people trying to hold back insults and a guy actually tries to say ‘idiotic old people’ in a serious tone. I agree not all old people are annoying; some are dead so that falsifies my theory. Actually I quite like old people, no I’m normal enough to know you’re weird, believe me. Old people can be lovely, when they invite you for scones and tea and they all get “bless your cotton socks!” And above all they know how to knit! Come on if that is not cool I don’t know what is. The only reason most of us look forward to old age is so that we can rock about in our mahogany rocking chairs and knit, yes even men, I’ve caught some few old men knitting, it’s quite amusing. But then there are others who take being mean to a whole new level.

This boy was making an accidentally-on-purpose joke on the bus about old people and he said “Why do old people smell old?” this is exactly why boys are stupid, on a more serious note I was tempted to summon my fat maths book and whack it around his head, I’m not a violent person I guess the darkness within me was trying to unleash itself momentarily to get a swing at him. Being disrespectful is one thing, being that stupid is completely different matter altogether!

I notice that it is in our nature to be so inconsiderate about old people, this will come to you as a shock but even you will be old one day, assuming you don’t get killed off before hand that is. And no, you shall not grow old gracefully without wrinkles and bald patch. I on the other hand mwuahahahha *coughs violently* Erm right….no I too will be old one day God willingly.

I’m sure most of you have made fun of old people or have been in a group of circles where old people jokes have been passed. Most of the time we just laugh and we pay no attention to the fact that those old people have feelings like everyone else, feelings?! Old people and feelings?! Yes, they have feelings.

In our society it’s a norm to be disrespect to everyone and everything that has a pulse but by no means does that make it right. One of the most amazing hadeeth I came across in regards to how to treat old people was the following:

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) also said, “When a young man honours [and treats with kindness] an old person because of his being aged, Allah Almighty will bring this young man those who will honour [and treat him with kindness] when he becomes aged” (Reported by At-Tirmidhi).

I didn’t even realise such hadeeth existed and the more I read about Islam the more I realise how it is truly a perfected religion.

No one is immortal and no one is exempt from old age, there are cures for everything except death and old age. Whether we like it or not one day God willing we’ll be the old people who are criticised for wearing unfashionable clothing’s and the youth will mock us for thinking that converse all star are the best shoes one could have invented.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, as well, “He does not belong to us who does not show mercy to the young children and respect to the old persons” (Reported by Ahmad and At-Tirmidhi).

We should not deprive old people from our kindness and we make it seem as though showing mercy is such a big deal. I mean its not like we are being told to wash their feet and clothe them or something. It is such a small thing, even a gentle smile or helping them with their grocery could help.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when old people see few youngsters walking together they cling tightly onto their bags or cane, obviously not all of us have the intention of robbing old ladies God forbid but show some understanding when they are edging for their canes/make-up box. Place yourself in their shoes, 4 giants, I mean tall guys are walking near, they are practically 1/3 your size. I know I would cross the road and run, well not literally run but I may be enticed to cross the road and trembling legs.

Regardless of whether they can be difficult to converse with, we shouldn’t forget they’ve been around longer than us, they are ancient and that means they have gained more life experience than we can imagine. To conclude, treat others as you would like to be treated and show compassion to old people. Next time you see old people going past don’t sulk and roll your eyes no matter how tempting it may be.

I conclude this with a little reminder:

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Part of glorifying Allah is honouring the grey-haired Muslim” (Abu Dawud).