Contributed by Sister Noor

Black Being

Black, like the deepest point of the ocean
My skin is dark, pure and raw
Brave, like warriors in the battle of Uhud
Knowledge, firm set on welcoming minds
Faith is eternel, rich and everlasting
Companions of Rasul-Allah (saw), He was
Bilal, whose footsteps Beloved heard
Indeed an excellent example, He was
Dear believers, I am not He
Though I maybe dark, I am not He
Call me not Bilal, for I am AbdulHakim

Slave of Allah




The author’s (Noor’s) commentary:

Even as I re-read this poem, each time, I see a different message its attempting to spread. Bilal (radiallah ‘anhu) is black and I think him being an African in a society that practised racism and him having such a role in the first stages of Islam allows for Muslims of different backgrounds feel like Islam is their deen.

Currently I’m studying the Seerah, so the Sahaba Bilal (ra) represents to me, someone whose strength exceeds that of a thousand mountains. When Allah has given us a chance to recant our faith because of severe torture but one chooses to cling to his faith fully believing in Allah’s reward, that is very inspiring and admirable. Do we still have this firm belief in Allah’s rewards? Have we forgotten that the End is Near?


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