Remember when you and your friend were always close and you could tell each other anything? You were the closest to each other and nobody else came between you two?After some time, you noticed that this friend was acting abit strange, and they wasn’t giving you the attention you usually had.. wasup with him/her? you asked yourself. This friend gradually started hanging out with you less and you never spoke to each other that much. They started acting abit more ‘kool’ and they felt that you was oldskool..What if it’s a guy, or a gyal? you thought to yourself.. i’ve never seen them act this strange before.

Turns out, what you thought was right. They wanted to join the scene too and you was left behind, you’re still a kid in their eyes but they’ve grown up. I’m hangin with the bad boyz now, or the ‘thuggetez.’

You either had two options; you could do the same, or you could stay quiet and be a good practisin muslim right? Yeah man, you’re bare shareef, thats what they all say… you felt uncomfortable with that, but you was scared about what the rentz [parents] would say, so you decided to stay on the back rowz for abit.

Turns out, this mate that you had – they wasn’t interested in knowing you no more, they were with their crew and had their gyal/kuri or their thug with them. Man, why did this have to happen to me for.. you thought to yourself. Deep down inside, you was kinda jealous – how come this person got all the popularity, even though you was the ‘good one.’?

A little time passed, a while later.. this friend came back to you. They were sad, but still you saw they was dressed the same way as their crew. Hoodie on, and rockiez.. or was it the big hoops and foundation?

I got sutin to tell you yeah..

You was confused, not knowing what to do or how to respond..

Yeah?” you asked.. not knowing what tone of voice to use.

It’s about this person i got to know a little while back…

You had noticed that your ‘friend’ had been hangin out with different people for quite a while now.. most weren’t up to any good.

Yeah, well it was this gurl/guy that i knew..” he/she said.

You didn’t expect your friend to be like this just two years ago, subhan Allaah things really had changed alot.

What am i supposed to say?  you asked yourself..

er..yeah? what about them?

I got to know this person some weeks back, that’s what you gota do init to get known. When you got a guy/gurl you get popular.. it was more like a dare if you get meh.

Oh, ok.. b..but erm, you know its haraam right?

Look, i came to you for advice, so hear me out.. they don’t understand what i’m goin thru man.


You had noticed that your friend had been effected by these people alot, the personality was much harsher than before and they swore alot now too.

They don’t want to talk to me no more.. it wasn’t even my fault…

Their face seems sad now, you can see it. Your heart sinks down..

“Who? who doesn’t talk to you no more?You still care, you don’t want your friend to get hurt. Was it the people your friend hung out with, or was it someone else? You had forgot about the time they turned away from you, because deep down inside you wanted them to come back to talk to you, so you could be friends again.. like before.Your friend didn’t respond, you could see in their face that they actually wanted to control themselves.. trying to control the tears from coming out. You knew what had happened, you didn’t need to ask any more. Your friend was crying, you could feel their pain..

The heart beats faster.. a big lump in the throat, it hurts… You can’t control the tears, they flood out no matter how hard you try to hold them in. Your head hurts. Whether you’re a guy or a gurl, its the same.. if it’s your first time – you’re going to feel this pain. This is what your friend was experiencing.. the cold wind whipped the face, a harsh wind.

It doesn’t matter what the people think now.. “I tried..i swear.. i really tried.. how can people..d-do this..?” they said.

You can’t do nothing, all you can do is watch and make them feel that things will get better with time insha’Allaah. You have to reassure them, you’re there for them.. You pass them a tissue, come closer to them.. and give them a hug.