Bismillah arRahman arRaheem

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatallah wa Barakatu (Peace and Blessings be upon you) and Greetings,


If you’ve made it this far, welcome!!


This blog is mainly of writings by Muslim writers from all over the world, of different ethnicities and racial backgrounds. Our mission is to spread da’wah, the message of Islam, to NonMuslims, and to educate the non practicing Muslims and Muslim youth.


Post will be light hearted bi’idnillahi wa ta’ala and empowered with Islamic wisdom, logic, life experiences, and knowledge.


Every writer has their own style of writing. Some may be comical, others heart-warming, and many informative. All informational articles will be based on Quran and Sunnah, and not biased towards a certain madhab, unless stated so.


Feel free to leave any comments to help improve our blog or if you have any suggestions to keep this blog alive. Any vulgar and/or inappropriate comments will be deleted.


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Fi aman Allah

Walaikum asalaam wa rahmatallah wa barakatu

13 Responses to “About Islamic Ink!”

  1. mortalmuslim Says:

    thats wonderful! I will surely link u inshallah!
    May u keep up with ur hard work!

  2. Asalaamu alikum wa rhamatullah,

    I was very happy to have stumbled upon your webpage- masha’allah your effort is beautifully informative and enjoyable to read.

    I look forward to future posts.

    May Allah grant your the best reward,

    Dont be sad

  3. Rafael Says:

    As salam ‘aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

  4. bintGhazali Says:

    Barakallahu Feekum!
    Beautiful designs!


  5. Hajar Alwi Says:

    Conveniently came across this blog and I have to say that it’s looking really good. Insya’Allah, I’ll pop over more often to read-up on the entries.

  6. Thanks Barakallahu Feekum

  7. Conveniently came across this blog and I have to say that it’s looking really good. Insya’Allah, I’ll pop over more often to read-up on the entries.

  8. hashimah Says:

    if only you could write all the words/phrase/verses in arabic characters, that would be wonderful. it is quite hard to read and pronounce correctly as i am not an arabic language native speaker, but would love to improve my pronunciation. i believe some readers out there do too.

    thanks! and keep up the good work..

  9. Asalaamu Alaykum,

    A lovely site this is, mashaAllah. =)

    JazakumAllah Khair.


  10. Riz Says:

    As salam Al eikoum..

    What a Great job Brother….May Allah Bless u reward for Such a beautiful ,Encouraging website Blog

    BarakAllah ho feek…

    I just want to request u,that Plz Write Some (Quran Surah) in English Not Da Translation But same like Arabic ..

    Allah hafiz….

  11. Asasalamu Alaykum
    Masha’allah bro, you have made a very good bllog
    May Allah reward you with Jannatul Firdaws Ameen

  12. Sabina Begum Says:

    Salaam, I have a friend whose opening up her Art shop soon.. and is thinking of a name, she was thinking of calling it ‘Islamic Inks’.. but i can see here that its your websites name.. i must say its a stunning name.. i guess shes lost her luck there lol.. beautiful site you have here.. keep up the good work..Wsalaam

  13. We are muslim.we have one creator Allah,muhammad(sa)is the last prophet,we have the same goal…so why this distinguishion shia-sunni?this fight for whom?if we are unite together no other can win with us..though their conspiracy we will get back our golden era.Allah bless us all to understand properly.Ameen

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