“God has no mercy on one who has no mercy for others.”

So you walk onto the bus, I mean its bad enough it stinks of BO and cheesy feet, on top of that you have the sun melting the cheap glass windows and so a wave of burning plastic is given off, lovely! The atmosphere is….how can I put it without sounding very rude? It stinks really badly; I’ll just say that but know ‘stink’ in this context is an understatement.

Now if you find a seat on the bus in the summer then count yourself as being extremely fortunate. Everyone races each other to find a seat near a window, to get some whiff of fresh air. In addition to the bad atmosphere the road is bumpy because some authoritative half-a-brain decided to make road humps like every 5 steps and the new bus driver decides he enjoys driving at 0.5 MPH. Right about now is when the anger management is required but most of the time I can battle out my impatience thankfully so I just day dream. (more…)


If you knew what lied behind these dark eyes, these morbid thoughts you would not come so close, you would run. Where I sat at the edge of my bed a sharp object looked at me; I could hear it calling my name, in a soft seductive tone. The razor glistening so brightly before my eyes, its edges perfectly curled into a 90 degree angle. My thoughts started to torment me; everything that lingered in my body was transfixed on fulfilling my whims. I grabbed the razor, my right hand trembling gently and I slowly revealed my left wrist. (more…)