Once upon a time, there was a boy who would get angry frequently. He would get angry over anything and everything. His father came up with an outlet for his anger.

 “Come here my son” he called for him. When the boy came, he was handed a bunch of nails and a hammer by his father.

“Whenever you’re angry, I want you to go out and hammer these nails in until you find yourself not angry anymore.”

Hmm…that sounded like a good way to let off some steam. So every single day you would find that boy outside hammering in nails into the fence.



P.Diddy, Tupac, Destiny’s Child…

This is the lists of names I usually get when I ask other brothers and sisters who there role models are. There was this one little brother who gave me the response that 50 cent was his role model. I wasn’t really surprised but I still asked him why. “He got shot nine times!” he replied back to me with a look of admiral on his face.

“What is he? A cat with nine lives?” I thought to myself trying not to roll my eyes in sarcasm. Why is it SUCH a big deal that the dude got shot nine times? Ok maybe its a bit unusual but come on!

I looked back and the brother and told him “What about Rasuallah (saw) and his companions? They fought in numerous battles and were probably seriously injured by swords and spears way more than nine times!”

“Hmmm…I never thought of that” he replied, hanging his head in either mere disappointment in himself or embarrassment. (more…)