Remember when you and your friend were always close and you could tell each other anything? You were the closest to each other and nobody else came between you two?After some time, you noticed that this friend was acting abit strange, and they wasn’t giving you the attention you usually had.. wasup with him/her? you asked yourself. This friend gradually started hanging out with you less and you never spoke to each other that much. They started acting abit more ‘kool’ and they felt that you was oldskool..What if it’s a guy, or a gyal? you thought to yourself.. i’ve never seen them act this strange before.

Turns out, what you thought was right. They wanted to join the scene too and you was left behind, you’re still a kid in their eyes but they’ve grown up. I’m hangin with the bad boyz now, or the ‘thuggetez.’ (more…)


– Alone –

It’s sometimes scary, when everyones’ turned their back. They’re not with me no more.. i wish we were together again. i wish things were back to normal.

Do you remember anyone close you’ve lost? Imagine that day again… how did it feel? If you’ve felt that pain in your throat, and your head hurt at that moment, then that person must have been really special to you.

People respond differently when they lose others. Some people try to move on and make new friends, others try to stay alone and reflect on what’s gone.

The ones that move on, they usually go through the reflection stage too.. they just might be a bit more used to it. While the one who remains in that state, they usually don’t want to move on. They want to stay comfortable, so they hold on to them memories, hoping that it just comes back. (more…)

Memories… sunray

Just go back in time. What’s the earliest moment of your life that you can remember? What emotions were you experiencing? Or do you just remember images and sounds, or maybe even just taste? Stop and think for a while.

Do you remember the first time you got something that you really wanted, especially after wanting it for a long time? How did you feel? Were you happy or was it different than what you expected?

How about the time you lost someone you were close to? What was your first reaction upon hearing the news?


The Equipment of the Patient and the investment of the Grateful.


As-Safar said: “Abû Bakr fell ill, so some people visited him and asked whether they should call a doctor for him. He said,‘The Doctor has already seen me.’ They asked, ‘What did he say?’ Abû Bakr said, ‘He said, “I do what I want”.’ ” (Meaning, that Allâh is his “Doctor” and can make him sick or healthy as He wills) (Ahmad).

‘Umar ibn al-Khattâb (RA) said:

“The best days we ever lived were by virtue of patience, and if patience were to take the shape of a man, he would be a noble and generous man.”

‘Alî ibn Abî Tâlib (RA) said:

“The relation of patience to îmân is like the relation of the head to the body. If the head is chopped off, the body becomes useless.” Then he raised his voice and said: “Certainly, the one who has no patience has no îmân, and patience is like a riding-beast that nevers gets tired.” (more…)

This is a good short video of a new muslim revert who explains the simplicity of Islaam and clears misconceptions.

Asalaamu ‘alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. (Peace be upon you.)

Darkness to the Light It was dark..I felt confused.. empty. things weren’t goin my way. You got alot but you still want more.. you don’t want to stick with anyone, you don’t want to make that commitment because you know its all goin to end someday anyway. So why trust them? It’s just a one man thing. That’s what I felt about life. Maybe that was one of the reasons why i went down the other road from my friends? I dno, but it was easy.. easier than losing them when i wasn’t prepared for it. People say you’re friendship can be so strong that you never give up on backing each other.. others say that a guy or a gurl can make your friendship crumble.. no matter how long it lasted. What if you lose both?


Asalaamu ‘alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. (Peace be upon you.)

Emaan Boosting Moments



Yesterday i went to sleep, in a proper deep sleep.. suddenly i just woke up. For some reason – i felt in a state of shock. It was totally dark. I quickly got up cuz i had to pray fajr (the dawn prayer.)

Before I woke up, i was having a dream about death. So when i woke up, I could still hear the sounds from my dream, so it kinda freaked me out. (more…)