Iman Rush

“God has no mercy on one who has no mercy for others.”

So you walk onto the bus, I mean its bad enough it stinks of BO and cheesy feet, on top of that you have the sun melting the cheap glass windows and so a wave of burning plastic is given off, lovely! The atmosphere is….how can I put it without sounding very rude? It stinks really badly; I’ll just say that but know ‘stink’ in this context is an understatement.

Now if you find a seat on the bus in the summer then count yourself as being extremely fortunate. Everyone races each other to find a seat near a window, to get some whiff of fresh air. In addition to the bad atmosphere the road is bumpy because some authoritative half-a-brain decided to make road humps like every 5 steps and the new bus driver decides he enjoys driving at 0.5 MPH. Right about now is when the anger management is required but most of the time I can battle out my impatience thankfully so I just day dream. (more…)



Once upon a time, there was a boy who would get angry frequently. He would get angry over anything and everything. His father came up with an outlet for his anger.

 “Come here my son” he called for him. When the boy came, he was handed a bunch of nails and a hammer by his father.

“Whenever you’re angry, I want you to go out and hammer these nails in until you find yourself not angry anymore.”

Hmm…that sounded like a good way to let off some steam. So every single day you would find that boy outside hammering in nails into the fence.


P.Diddy, Tupac, Destiny’s Child…

This is the lists of names I usually get when I ask other brothers and sisters who there role models are. There was this one little brother who gave me the response that 50 cent was his role model. I wasn’t really surprised but I still asked him why. “He got shot nine times!” he replied back to me with a look of admiral on his face.

“What is he? A cat with nine lives?” I thought to myself trying not to roll my eyes in sarcasm. Why is it SUCH a big deal that the dude got shot nine times? Ok maybe its a bit unusual but come on!

I looked back and the brother and told him “What about Rasuallah (saw) and his companions? They fought in numerous battles and were probably seriously injured by swords and spears way more than nine times!”

“Hmmm…I never thought of that” he replied, hanging his head in either mere disappointment in himself or embarrassment. (more…)

Bismillah ArRahman ArRahmeem

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatallahi wa Barakatu

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We’ve all done it before. We all have sat in a class with a teacher lecturing in a monotone voice that just kills. If its not the voice, it’s the sound that some how reaches your ear and tracks an annoying pattern in the sound waves of their voice. “Take out your work books. Turn to page 134. Pass your worksheets up to the front.” In this example, the pattern dictates an emphasis on the last word of each sentence. For anyone to even notice such little defects, he must be really bored. Then there are those teachers who give you the “eye” while you put your head down. Lord help you if you fall asleep! I’m telling you, they will tap, poke, or hit hard on your desk purposely! Teachers don’t hold back on that type of stuff. And if you skip a class, they get all up in your business like they know the last time you actually “went” to the bathroom and really “used” it. Oh yea, and the “no cell phone” rule. No cell phones out during class time, and I shall quote a teacher of mine who once said, “Put that cell phone away or I’m taking it. You kids think you’re soo slick these days trying to text under the desk as if I can’t tell what your doing while your leaning back in the chair with your hands under the desk. Now there’s only one of two things you could be doing down there and I’m hoping its the texting!” (more…)

Asalaamu ‘alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh. (Peace be upon you.)

Emaan Boosting Moments



Yesterday i went to sleep, in a proper deep sleep.. suddenly i just woke up. For some reason – i felt in a state of shock. It was totally dark. I quickly got up cuz i had to pray fajr (the dawn prayer.)

Before I woke up, i was having a dream about death. So when i woke up, I could still hear the sounds from my dream, so it kinda freaked me out. (more…)